Boat Owner App

Boat Owner App

Is your boat ready!

Don't get caught out!

All your boat information in one place 

  • When is your blacking or antifouling due
  • What parts do you need
  • How to look after your boat.
  • Free boating advice - no strings

All your boat details on your phone when you need them!

It is a space where boat owners can store all their vital boat information in one place online. This would then be available at any time, if they need this information - like if they are at a chandlery and realise they need something - like an engine filter. Lots of tips and advice as well.
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Included Features

All our services comes with premium set of features.


What do you do if your boat brakes down. 

A video of what to do and check. A fault finder. Information on how to check that your equipment is working and what to do if it does not.

Engine Manuals

Lots of engine manuals here - if it is not here let us know.


Knot videos. Boating videos and courses.

Maintenance and equipment

Videos and information.


Product information and user guides.


How to winterise your boat and get it ready for the season. 

How to service your engine. How to service your stove. More coming!

Why choose Us?